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Transportation — Tirana, Albania

Transportation inside Tirana

Inside Tirana you can travel by bus, taxi or car. The traffic is generally heavy, so often walking or biking is preferred. Main bus lines are:

  • The ring (Unaza)
  • Kinostudio – Kombinat
  • New Tirana (Tirana e re) – The train Station (Stacioni i Trenit)
  • Scanderbag square – Profarma

The price for a ticket is 20 leke (~0.2 Euros). The tickets are bought inside the bus, the tickets are one way and can not be reused on different buses.

Taxi services

Taxi services inside the city costs around 200-500 leke (2 to 5 euros). It is adviced you discuss the price before starting your trip.
The taxies are yellow with white plates and have the label ‘TAXI’ on the cars.

The main taxi stations are close to: ‘Tirana International Hotel’, Hotel Europapark, ‘Avni Rustemi’ square, ‘Et’hem Bey’ mosque, Wiston square, etc.

You can as well call a taxi:
Rigel Agency: Tel. + 355 4 232775
Korrekt: Tel. + 355 4 223463
Radio taxi: Tel.+ 355 4 244444
Radio taxi: Tel. + 355 4 377777

Rent a car

You could rent a car from below:

Rr. ‘Durrësit’ (Durresi street), L.61
Tel.+ 355 4 22 78 88/22 63 70

Rr. ‘Ded Gjo Luli’ (Ded Gjo Luli street) behind National Museum
Tel/Fax. + 355 4 255028

Blv. ‘Dëshmorët e Kombit’ Hotel Europa Park
Airport ‘Mother Teresa” in Rinas
Tel.+ 355 4 23 50 11

Rr. e Kavajës (Kavaja street) inside Wolksvagen
Tel. + 355 4 259 020, Fax+ 355 4 233 650

You should have with you a passport (or an ID card) and the driving license. Credit cards are accepted.

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