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Nightlife in Tirana, Albania

Tirana is very dynamic at night. The city – center, ‘The block’ (Blloku) is the main area where pubs, cafes and restaurants are situated. The name of this zone comes from the dictatorial period, where the villas of the main heads of the goverment were situated. After 1990 these villas were transformed into pubs and restaurants. Some places to be mentioned are ‘Pub Charls’ and ‘Buddha bar’.

Outside of the block there are a few interesting places you can go: ‘Living room’ a modern pub, on 2 floors, with a wide terrasse on the last floor, or ‘La follie’, a big modern pub close to ‘Cinema Millenium’. People do usually wear up to go to these places.

If you fancy a calm dinner or a good cocktail, you can go on the last floor of the big tower close to ‘National Stadium – Qemal Stafa’. A very nice bar is on the top of the building (23rd floor) and the view is amazing.

Another option, especially for the hot summer evenings is the beach of Durresi (Plepat), around 40 min away from the center of Tirana. You can have dinner at one of the restaurants on the beach, have a walk on the seaside and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets.

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