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How to get to Albania

By plane

The only civil airport, “Mother Teresa” International Airport” is located just 15 minutes away from Tirana. It is served by numerous European carriers such as British Airways, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Austrian, and the low cost carriers Germanwings and Belle Air. A new, larger and modern terminal is opened since 2007.

There is a bus that runs once an hour between the airport and Skanderberg Square in the centre of Tirana. It costs 250 lek (~2 EUR) each way, it runs from about 8AM to 7PM and leaves on the hour from the airport and at 25 past the hour from Skanderberg Square.

At the airport exit, there are numerous taxis 24/7 that can take you to the city. The taxi fee to the city center is €15 (2000 Lek). Taxi fees to other locations are posted on a placard just outside the exit doors.

By ferry

Main connections are the Italian cities of Bari, Brindisi and Ancona. A regular daily connections exists between Saranda and Corfu in Greece.

Azzurra Line:
From Bari (Italy) to Durrës (Albania)
From Durrës (Albania) to Bari (Italy)

Adriatica di Navigazione:
From Bari (Italy) to Durrës (Albania) daily departures at 23.00hrs arriving next morning 07.00hrs.
From Durrës (Albania) to Bari (Italy) daily departures 23.00hrs arriving next morning 07.00hrs.

Adria Ferries:
Service done with engine ship “Riviera del Conero”
From Ancona to Durres (Albania) 3 weekly departure (Tue-Thu-Sat at 19.00 hrs)
From Durres (Albania) to Ancona 3 weekly departure (Wed-Fri-Sun at 19.00 hrs)
From Bari (Italy) to Durres (Albania)
From Durres (Albania) to Bari (Italy)

Venezia Lines:
Service done with Catamaran San Gwann in less then 4 hrs.
From Bari (Italy) to Durres (Albania)
From Durres (Albania) to Bari (Italy)

Ilion Lines
From Trieste (Italy) to Durrës (Albania) 4 weekly departures (Tue-Wed-Fri-Sat) 13.00hrs – 24 hrs. trip
From Durrës (Albania) to Trieste (Italy) 4 weekly departures (Wed-Thu-Sat-Sun) 19.00hrs – 24 hrs. trip
From Bari (Italy) to Durres (Albania)
From Durres (Albania) to Bari (Italy)

Agoudimos Lines:
Service with Motor-ship Kapetan Alexandros A.
From Brindisi to Vlora (Albania) all year not on Sunday at 23.00 arrival 07.30 the day after
From Vlora (Albania) to Brindisi all year not Sunday at 12.00 arrival 06.00 the day after

Ventouris Ferries:
From Bari (Italia) to Durres (Albania) – Daily departures in the evening – 9 hrs trip
From Durres (Albania) to Bari (Italy) – Daily departures in the evening – 9 hrs trip

Skenderbeg Lines:
From Brindisi (Italy) to Vlora (Albania) daily departures 22.30 hrs arrival next morning 6.00hrs exept on Sunday
From Vlora (Albania) to Brindisi (Italy) daily departures 11.30hrs arrival same day 16.00hrs. exept Sunday

By train

There are no international connections to Albania by train. There are, some trains that operate within the country but the service is limited.

The 2019 bus schedules (inter-city) are now available here!

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