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Albania — Health and safety

Albania is a safe place for visitors. Its hospitality traditions mean that foreigners or guests are treated with high respect; almost all Albanians would be ready to help if you are lost or in trouble.

The greatest risk most people in Albania face is driving, where traffic accidents are frequent because of uncareful drivers.

If you need a medical emergency, the fastest way to get to the hospital is by getting a taxi and saying to the driver ‘Tek Urgjenca’ (read it as : ‘Tek Urgentza’) meaning ‘To the medical emergency’. You can as well call an ambulance service at 127, but a taxi may be faster especially in the summer season when the country is overcrowded.

Albanian tap water is treated and it is safe for brushing the teeth or cooking and in some places good for drinking. Nevertheless most of the Albanians drink bottled water for higher safety.

For minor ailments, pharmacies sell almost everything over the counter, including contraceptive pills and antibiotics. For dental help, the best is to ask for local advice, there are good ones in the big cities but the price and standards of the practice can vary.

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