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Albanian food and local drinks

The traditional Albanian cuisine offers a unique combination of Mediterranean ingredients and spices. Vegetables are often combined to meat or cheese, as stuffed vegetables, stews, casserole, meatballs and soups. Most common used vegetables are tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, okra and onions and generally they are organically grown, not because of any government strategy, but because fertilisers and pesticides are imported and expensive. As well, the local buyers are often picky on the taste and quality. Fish is commonly cooked too, either fried, baked or as a vegetable soup. If you are a fan of fish than you should not miss tasting ‘Koran fish’  if you are close to Pogradeci or Korca. It is a variety which grows in Ohrid lake and it is well known for its delicious taste. In the north, close to Shkodra, Carp is fished from the lake and usually cooked with tomatoes and onions.

The modern cuisine is mainly influenced of Italian and Greek cuisine and depending on the region can be based on meat or sea products.

Like in other countries in Balkan, raki is a traditional strong alcoholic drink produced out of fermented fruits. Usually in Albania, grapes and plums are used to produce rakia. Rakia is served with an antipasti or feta cheese, generally in restaurants, cafes or restaurants.

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