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Ksamil, AlbaniaAlbania has a high number of climatic regions considering its area, nevertheless the weather is mainly sunny with an average of 300 days of sun per year:

On the coastline the climate of Albania is Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters. In these regions the average temperature in the winter is 8°C whereas in the summer 25°C. The summers are dry, nearly 90 percent of the rain falls in the winter with higher levels in the north.

In the inland(up to 900 mesters asl) the climate is moderate continental. The temperatures in the summer in average are lower than on the coast but the daily fluctuations are greater. Sometimes they can reach as high as 40 degrees. In the winter nights temperature may drop under 0°C, nevertheless it rarely snows and it is unusual for ice or snow to last more than a day.

In the highlands snow can fall from November until March; mountain towns are very cold at this period of year. Terrain differences cause wide local variations.

Photo by ImogenX, Flickr

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