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The city of Vlora, Albania, seen from the seaside at night

Especially in the summer, the nightlife in Vlora is vibrating. Concerts, famous DJ-s, evening stroll, restaurants are just some of the options the city offers. Close to ‘Uji i Ftohte’ (The cold water) there are some of the most famous clubs in Albania.

Space Disco Club
Being part of Crystal complex, in ‘Uji i Ftohte’, this is one of the biggest and most modern clubs of Vlora with a capacity up to 2500 people. You can check directly in their website for events and other activities.
Space Disco Club
Nightclubes prices
Generally on Fridays …

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Address: Butrint – Kanali i Cukes
City: Sarande
Tel: + 355 852 255 92/ 69 20 57 360
Fax: + 355 852 255 44
Email: hotelbutrinti@hotmail.com
Web: www.butrintihotel.com
Address: Butrint
City: Sarande
Tel: +355 69 20 93 655 / 69 21 41 222
Fax: +355 891 20 40
Email: info@liviahotel.com
Web: www.liviahotel.com
Address: Lgj Nr.1
City: Sarande
Tel: + 355 822 34 12 / 69 25 36 150
Fax: + 355 822 34 12
Address: Lgj Nr.1, Rr. Butrint
City: Sarande
Tel: + 355 852 3462
Andon Lapa i I
Address: Lgj.Koder
City: Sarande
Tel: + 355 852 238 04/ 69 22 88 876 / 69 22 …

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The seaside in Vlora, Albania

Vlora -also known as Vlore or Valona- is a south-albanian city of approx. 94,000 inhabitants and one of the oldest Albanian cities. Albania’s 2nd largest port is situated here, the largest one is situated in Durres.
Vlora is situated at the Bay of Vlorë, and is surrounded by mountains. A particularity of this bay it is that it is considered as the frontier between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. The island of Sazan is close-by, at the entrance to the Bay of Vlorë. Italy is just 70 nautic miles away. All around …

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Tirana is the capital and the largest city of Albania. More than 1/4 of the overall population of Albania permanently live in Tirana. It is a very dynamic city, where the heart of the country beats. It is a city of contrasts, where the modern lifestyle meets old traditions. Still rapidly growing Tirana is a busy commercial and administrative center with many comfortable hotels, restaurants, discos, pubs and a rich cultural life.
Tirana has a Mediterranean climate. The average temperature varies from a low of 2°C in January to a high …

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Shkodra – How to get there
You can get to Shkodra very easily by taking …
Shkodra – Sightseeing
While visiting Shkodra you should definitively go and see the following sights …
Shkodra – Geographic information
Shkodra is situated …
Shkodra – Nightlife
If you want to go out in Berat, you should consider …
Shkodra – History
Shkodra – Hotels
Shkodra – Restaurants