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Urban transportation
There is only one urban bus in Berat, which goes from Kombinat to Uznove, on the main road through the city.
Interurban transportation – From Berat to other cities
The main bus station for interurban transportation is ‘Axhensia’ (to be read ‘Agensia’), on the city center.
Main destinations are Tirana, Elbasani, Lushnje, Durres, Fier, Vlore, Saranda.
From Berati to Tirana
There are several buses and minibuses (furgon) during the day, the road takes about three hours and the price is around 4 euros. The last bus to go to Tirana is at 15:00, …

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Berat – How to get there
Berat is about 120km far from Tirana, 60km from Durres and 90km far from Vlora. You can go to Berat by bus or car.
Berat – Sightseeing
What to see in Berat:
The castle of Berat – Entry fee 100 leke (around 1 euro)
The Museum of Iconography “Onufri” open 8.00-15.00, closed at Mondays, phone +355 32 32 248) – Entry fee 200 leke (around 2 euro)
The Museum of Ethnography (open 8.00-15.00, phone +355 32 32224)
Gallery “Eduard Lear” (open for each day, phone +355 32 32 027)
The Church of …