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The days with (r) are subject to change depending on the religious/moon calendar.
January 1 and 2 – New Year’s Day
March 14 – Summer Day
March   – Nevruz Day (r)
April  – Catholic Easter (r)
April  – Orthodox Easter (r)
May 1 – Labor Day
September – End of Ramadan (r)
October 19 – Mother Teresa Beatification Day
November – Feast of Sacrifice(r)
November 28 – Independence Day
November 29 – Liberation Day
December 8 – National Youth Day
December 25 – Christmas Day
*Please note that before 2010 if the bank holiday was a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday was …

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Even if the rugged relief offers multiple rock climbing opportunities, Albania is almost completely unexplored and undeveloped as a rock climbing area as the past system didn’t do too much to develop the rock climbing potential.
—This article is not yet finished — 22 aug 2010

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Diving in Albania

Albania offers multiple diving opportunities, especially in the Ionian coast where besides the rich submarine fauna you can see sank boats or archeological rests. It is not common to find diving equipment or diving clubs on the beaches, but you can use the following contact to organize a diving session:
Diving in Albania
Polska Baza Nurkowa – Polish Diving Base
mobile for international: +48 603 92 92 29
mobile Albania: +355 694 359 609
mobile Greg deRegovski: +355 695 113 923
skype: baza-albania or deregowskig
mail: office@albaniadive.com
Centre Manager
Martin Morawski
Instructor CMAS M2
mobile for international: +48 …

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Beautiful Waterfall in Albania, Ujvara

Albania offers many places for hiking the most spectacular landscapes being those of the national parks.
One of the most impressive mountain national parks is the 4000 hectare Tomorri National Park, established south of the Shkumbin River in the Tomorr Range just east of the beautiful museum-city of Berat, and overlooking the city of Polican. Other important mountain national parks are:
Theth (Thethi) National Park in the Shale basin around Theth (2630 hectares)
Dajti (Daiti) National Park, 3300 hectares of the mountain overlooking the capital, Tirana and
Valbona National Park, in the Valbona Gorge from the …