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Urban transportation
There is only one urban bus in Berat, which goes from Kombinat to Uznove, on the main road through the city.
Interurban transportation – From Berat to other cities
The main bus station for interurban transportation is ‘Axhensia’ (to be read ‘Agensia’), on the city center.
Main destinations are Tirana, Elbasani, Lushnje, Durres, Fier, Vlore, Saranda.
From Berati to Tirana
There are several buses and minibuses (furgon) during the day, the road takes about three hours and the price is around 4 euros. The last bus to go to Tirana is at 15:00, …

Saranda »

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View from the port of Saranda

The nightlife in Saranda can offer some excellent options, especially in the summer. Most of the restaurants, bars and pubs are along the coast. The people usually go late in the pubs and discos (after the evening stroll – at around 11:00 pm) but stay late, sometimes till the morning
Evening stroll – Saranda is well known in Albania for its evening stroll, on the main road along the coast. This takes place every summer evening, starting at 7-8 p.m. It is a great occasion to meet and talk to the …

Tirana »

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Tirana is very dynamic at night. The city – center, ‘The block’ (Blloku) is the main area where pubs, cafes and restaurants are situated. The name of this zone comes from the dictatorial period, where the villas of the main heads of the goverment were situated. After 1990 these villas were transformed into pubs and restaurants. Some places to be mentioned are ‘Pub Charls’ and ‘Buddha bar’.
Outside of the block there are a few interesting places you can go: ‘Living room’ a modern pub, on 2 floors, with a …