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The 2019 bus schedules (inter-city) are now available [here]!

Local transportation
Urban buses are frequent and cheap. The ticket for the local transportation costs 30 ALL, equivalent to 0.25 cents and it is collected inside the bus. The most useful line is

Vlora to Jonufer – Orikum – Rradhime
The urban buses go till ‘Plazhi i Ri’, for visiting the beaches of Jonufer, Orikum and Rradhime minibuses can be taken from ‘
The minibuses are frequent, every 20 mins and the trip takes around 15 minutes. The price of the ticket for Jonufer is 50ALL, whereas for Orikum and Rradhime is 100 ALL (~0.9 EUR).

Transportation from Vlora to other cities
The intercity bus station is close to Muradi Mosque. See the 2019 bus schedules (inter-city) [here]!

Vlora to Himara/Himara to Vlora:
There are four buses a day for each route, the price for a ticket is ~400 ALL, equivalent to 3.2 EUR. See the 2019 bus schedules (inter-city) [here] for more details!

The minibuses leave Tirana every half an hour, till 16:00. The price is around 600 ALL and the journey takes ~2.5 hours.


For the taxis using a taximeter, the price is 90 ALL/km (~0.8 EUR) in the city and 60 ALL/km for outside the city. Not all the taxis use a taximeter, thus the price is not standard and it can have big variations. If you are worried about it, the best is to ask before getting in the taxi.

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