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Transportation to or from Berat

Urban transportation

There is only one urban bus in Berat, which goes from Kombinat to Uznove, on the main road through the city.

Interurban transportation – From Berat to other cities

The main bus station for interurban transportation is ‘Axhensia’ (to be read ‘Agensia’), on the city center.
Main destinations are Tirana, Elbasani, Lushnje, Durres, Fier, Vlore, Saranda.

From Berati to Tirana

There are several buses and minibuses (furgon) during the day, the road takes about three hours and the price is around 4 euros. The last bus to go to Tirana is at 15:00, there may be several minibuses afterwards, but there is no fixed schedule. Some of the most important cities through which this bus passes are Lushnje, Kavaje, Durres.

From Berati to Saranda

There is only one bus from Berati to Saranda, the trip takes around 8 hours and the bus leaves early in the morning (~7 a.m).

Interurban transportation – Getting to Berat

It is easy to get to Berat from the biggest cities of southern and central Albania. Main cities from which you can find a bus to Berati are Tirana, Lushnja, Fieri, Vlora, Saranda, Elbasani, Durresi. As in general in Albania, most of the buses leave between morning and noon. It is difficult to find buses or minibuses in the afternoon.

From Tirana to Berati

The buses leave from ’21 Dhjetori (21 December)’ square, else known as ‘Sheshi Qemal Ataturk (Qemal Ataturk square)’, from 4:30 a.m till 14:30 p.m. The minibuses to Berati leave in ‘Kombinati’, in the western neighbourhoods of Tirana. The urban line of ‘Tirana e re (The new Tirana)’ and ‘Unaza’ drive close by. The price for the full trip from Tirana to Berat is around 4 euros, the minibuses are a bit more expensive than the buses.

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