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Hiking and trekking in Albania

Albania offers many places for hiking the most spectacular landscapes being those of the national parks.
One of the most impressive mountain national parks is the 4000 hectare Tomorri National Park, established south of the Shkumbin River in the Tomorr Range just east of the beautiful museum-city of Berat, and overlooking the city of Polican. Other important mountain national parks are:

Theth (Thethi) National Park in the Shale basin around Theth (2630 hectares)
Dajti (Daiti) National Park, 3300 hectares of the mountain overlooking the capital, Tirana and
Valbona National Park, in the Valbona Gorge from the gorge entrance through to Rrogram and the surrounding mountains

Hiking in Thethi

Best time in the year to hike:

The preferred month to go hiking in Thethi is June and September. In July and August it may be too hot, however you can consider this period avoiding walking in the peak hours.

How to go to Thethi:

To reach Thethi you can take a bus to Shkodra and from there take a minibus to Thethi. The price is around 500 ALL (~4.8EUR as of 2010) and the buses leave every hour. The road is not very good and it takes around 3-5 hours to arrive to your final destination.

What to do in Thethi:

The area has wonderful landscapes with waterfalls, caves, canyons and other natural phenomena such as the canyon and the waterfall of Grunas, the Blue Eye of Nderlyse, the caves of Rrathe (Rratheve) and Harapi (Arapi). For long hikes you can get a guide in the village. Besides the natural aspects, in Thethi you can visit the church of the village, the ‘lock-in tower’ and the ethimological museum. Some of the activities you can do in the park are trekking, climbing, fishing, mountain biking, exploring caverns and in the winter skiing (especially on the eastern slope) and snowshoeing.

Where to stay in Thethi:

Accomodation can be arranged before your trip or once you are there, in the rooms rented from the locals or camping in the gardens of their houses. For more information and whom to contact please check out the Thethi – Guide.

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